Everything you need to build a digital service in one place

We deliver a suite of pre-build assets to speed up the implementation of new digital capabilities and improve the public service delivery. Our Platform-as-a-service Suite enables public agencies to build their digital service foundation as modular and integrated platforms, using common and reusable components to make the process easier and cheaper.

Acting as platform governments and agencies will avoid duplicated development effort and  foster agility by adopting different business models.

Payment service

Simplify the payment processes for government and public sector organisations and optimize the cost of complex payments ecosystem by managing every aspect of the payment life cycle.

Payment service is an all-in-one platform which standardizes the way of payment for public services consolidating all payments and service providers into a single integration point.

  • Easy for citizens and businesses to pay the government
  • Faster for public services to start taking payments
  • Cheaper for public services to reconcile payments, provide support and refund

Notification service

Notification service is a mass notification platform that facilitates the communicating routine or emergency alerts by pushing notifications to emails, cell phones and public warning systems.

  • Multiple channels of communications for maximum citizen reach
  • Track the performance of the messaging process
  • Easy to adopt by any back-office system

Register service

eRegistry service is a digital platform which facilitates the creation and keeping the structured data sets of government information of any type and complexity using a standardized way of introducing and accessing data while offering native integration in government ecosystem.

  • More data collected, integrated and reused
  • Most accurate and up-to-date data available
  • All data in one place

Public Procurements

The ultimate ecosystem platform for managing the full life cycle of public procurement based on open data and open contracting.

  • It ensures the trust and efficiency of B2G relationship through faster transactions and reduction of the administrative effort
  • Government achieves significant financial savings in public spending
  • It creates new opportunities for different stakeholders to use data for creating new public services

Public Authorizations

Efficient service for creating, validating or cancelling of individuals and legal entities authorizations and rights to use public services.

  • Issuance of authorizations and their management without any interaction with public authorities or other registry holders 
  • Improving cost-efficiency through a fully digital process
  • Automatic and trustworthy verification of authorizations 
  • A better service experience through the self-service approach for customers
  • Easy way to unify the legacy and current authorizations in a single platform

Public Integrity

Simplify the process of submitting the income and property statements of public servants across government.

  • Enhance the transparency through a fully online process of submission and exclusion of interaction with public servants 
  • Real-time data analytics and verification of details due to easy interoperability with 3rd party systems
  • Efficiency due to digital record and management of case files 


Fully digital platform for documents legalization and authenticity verification. 

  • Digital one-stop-shop application 
  • Issuance of digital apostille 
  • Online verification of issued apostille authenticity 
  • Automatic data consumption from state registers