We help government organizations adopting the cloud operating model and build their service delivery capability through an automated, predictable and secure environment.

Our expertise:

We leverage the AWS strategies and best practices to accelerate the cloud adoption journey and migrations in the public sector. At this stage, we build a cloud foundation within organizations focusing on the cloud design strategy, architecture patterns, cost optimization and staff training.


  • Networking migration
  • Servers/applications migration
  • Access Control List, security policy
  • Applications migration


  • Configuration and software versioning management
  • Application and infrastructure monitoring
  • Budget planning and spending


  • AWS Services: Cloud Watch
  • Third-party solutions: Chef, Ansible

We envisage DevOps adopted as a mindset and process within public organizations and service teams to increase their ability to deliver digital services at a high speed and better serve citizens and businesses. We help organizations build their DevOps foundation to deliver faster through automating software development and infrastructure operations.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

We enable the CI/CD workflows which let you deliver rapidly in a safe and reliable manner by managing the full lifecycle of building software and deployment.


  • AWS Services: CodeStar, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Cloud9
  • Third-party solutions: Gitlab, Jenkins, Kubernetes

Infrastructure automation

We help to standardize and manage the infrastructure resources through automated and secured modeling and provisioning (IaaC).


  • AWS services: Cloud formation
  • Third-party solutions: HashiCorp, Serverless framework

Monitoring and Logging

Gain maximum visibility across your applications and infrastructure to see how their performance impacts the client experience. We implement a set of best practices and tools to ensure the collecting, monitoring and analyzing of data and logs allowing an efficient troubleshooting process and optimizing performance and resource utilization.


  • AWS Services: CloudWatch
  • Third-party solutions: ELK, Grafana, Prometeus

We help organizations to secure their applications and network in the Cloud through embedding the security into their development and operational processes. We leverage the AWS best practices and tools together with third-party security solutions for enabling a DevSecOps process within the organization and automate controls for improving the security.


  • AWS: Amazon Cloudwatch Alarms,  AWS CloudTrail,  Amazon CloudWatch Events, AWS Config
  • Third-party solutions: Sonar, Blackduck, TwistLock, Anchor, AppScan