Unlock the data potential for real digital transformation

An effective digital transformation can’t be imagined without a strong data foundation for enabling an integrated experience and increasing operational efficiency.

Our focus is to contribute decisively at the building of government data storage and interoperability capabilities to meet their data-driven objectives and better support the customer’s emerging needs.

We deliver a suite of tools and services aimed to enable agencies to standardize the way data is stored and accessed and develop and manage integrations conveniently and securely through the use of APIs.

We bridge and transform data between legacy systems, on-premises applications/services, API’s and cloud services to create the foundation of an integrated service-oriented architecture within the organization.

  • Design of patterns for system integration
  • API import and standardization
  • Web service prototyping and development

Deploy and manage API services

  • API Identity management
  • API Security management
  • API Life cycle management
  • Health of services
  • Workload counting
  • Data consumption