The microservices architecture drives business continuity. The reason is deeply embedded in the very manner of running a business nowadays. In digital organizations data becomes one of the most powerful assets in finding out customers preferences and speed of changes are crucial in getting competitive advantages. Governments and public agencies are not exceptions.

We use Microservice architecture as a standard of designing applications. It allows us to build and deliver (modular and flexible) applications at a speed of business (needs), not depending on business models or specific technology.


  • Focus on outcomes/business

Build each microservice around a business capability and deliver faster.

  • Built for resilience

When a service fails it’s easy to isolate and fix it quickly with microservices.

  • Simply to deploy

Deploy on the fly distinct services  with no impact on the integrity of application.

  • Reduce risk of change

Make all business changes you need with no lock in technology and languages.

  • Fuel the decentralization

Share and reuse microservices to solve the same problems with no additional effort

  • Prepare for the future

Microservices are an evolutionary concept and make us being prepared for changes in the future, of devices or business models

Our expertise:


Microservices implemented at eAutorizari, eNotify, LiberoPay, eArchive ……link