Do companies estimate the costs spent on archiving hard-copy documents and the effort it takes to find an archived one?

According to the Moldovan legislation, some documents must be archived for at least three years. It represents a real challenge for businesses as they must keep a significant number of documents for a long period and also make sure there is nothing to lose or get deteriorated, especially manage the access to archive. During the last years, we have received lots of requests and questions regarding digital archiving solutions. So, we developed tools that connect workflows with electronic documents and digitize the archive.

On the grounds of the local law on electronic signature and the electronic document (Law no. 91 of 29.05.2014), we directed our efforts towards projects related to electronic records and archive digitization, the increasing usage of electronic documents was also a prerogative. Therefore, the need to set a digital archive has become more and more demanded.

Strategy and Solution

Considering the challenges stated by different stakeholders, in 2019-2020, Esempla team developed DocScan application. The key priorities were to create a product that will offer users good performance and flexibility to adapt to any archiving need.

DocScan is part of the DocSign platform, which has been designed, so it creates and manages digital archives. The solution can be used as an additional module or standalone application. Also, DocScan provides features to recognize the most popular file formats (PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG) and essential editing tools to improve the quality of digitized documents.

The system allows the configuration of various archiving workflows, offering options to import and export documents, manual collection of document’s related data, authorization for documents and data export.

To avoid the risk of unauthorized documents access, the application incorporates access management tools. Users can perform accurate process analysis and manage the risks, using the monitoring and auditing tools.


The main scope of the project was to improve the efficiency of the archiving process, bringing it to a new digital environment. A digital archive enables businesses to optimize procedures and have a quick, secured and controlled access to filed documents.