An electronic authorization registry is a solution used by public authorities, that verifies in real-time if a person is authorized to act on behalf of another one in relation with public authorities.  

Following the Public Administration Reform Strategy for the 2016-2020 period, “Modernization of Public Services” component, the Government of Moldova has been undergoing a major transformation of the public services. One of the several objectives was to design new services that will bring Public Authorities closer to Citizens and Businesses. In this regard, a modern Electronic Authorization Registry offers an efficient and reliable solution, allowing Public Authorities to provide services to authorized persons.    

Traditionally, public service providers request a power of attorney or authorizations to provide the service on behalf of the beneficiary. Using hard copy documents leads to higher costs, additional time, uncertainty about the presented document format and validity.   The challenge comprised of improving the processes by implementing an electronic authorization system that could ensure an efficient, digital and reliable mechanism of authorizing 3rd parties to act on behalf of the service beneficiary.

Strategy and Solution

MPower was developed to provide with tools for granting and revoking authorizations to 3rd parties so that to act on a private Individual or a Legal Entity behalf, in the relationship with Public Authorities.

To use the system, Citizens need to authenticate via the governmental electronic service of authentication and access control. Any user may act as a Private Individual and/ or on behalf of a Legal Entity.

For security reasons, the granting and revocation of operations are confirmed using the electronic signature. A dedicated portal enables authorizations verification in real-time, with increased reliability.

To notify the authorization’s involved parties about the relevant events regarding the authorization (granting, expiration, rejection, revocation, acceptance). The system was integrated with the governmental notification system MNotify.

An administrative module was developed to facilitate the management of authorization types, templates, specific custom fields and constraints. MPower is available for integration with 3rd parties’ systems, meant to become an important part of the digital eco-system.


An essential objective carried out within this project was the delivery of a modern electronic notification system designed to improve the communication of public service providers with the Citizens and Businesses. Also, it aimed to increase efficiency and to ensure a higher level of satisfaction about the quality of government services.