An electronic notifications system is a tool used by Public Authorities to send notices to any Citizen or Legal Entity.

Following the Public Administration Reform Strategy for the 2016-2020 period, “Modernization of Public Services” component, the Government of Moldova has been undergoing a major transformation of the public services. One of the objectives was to redesign the outdated and/ or inefficient services. In this regard, a modern governmental notification system is essential to keep Citizens and Businesses informed so that to increase the level of satisfaction and quality of public service delivery.

Traditionally, public service providers inform recipients via hard copy letters, leading to higher delivery costs and/ or mail notifications using unverified contact information, meaning a low level of reliability considering the inconsistency of accumulated data. The old methods do not enable proactive services delivery and are associated with personal data risks due to less control in collecting and processing personal contact data. The initial implemented version of the governmental notification system (MNotify) was already outdated, with reduced functionality, sending email notifications only to explicit addresses.

The challenge consisted of solving the above-mentioned problems through implementing an electronic messaging system that could ensure online notification using multiple channels, enabling flexible recipient identification methods, decreasing notification costs, risks and efforts needed from service providers.

Strategy and Solution

A new version of MNotify was designed to provide a reliable, flexible and efficient mechanism for notifying recipients, such as Individuals and Legal Entities using various notification channels (emails, text messages (SMS), push notifications, instant messaging on Viber and Telegram).

The recipients have a public portal where they can access their Account in the system. It contains verified contact data and the feature to set notification priorities selecting the communication language (RO, EN, RU) and notification time. The senders do not need to accumulate contact data so that to send notifications, as the recipients (Individuals and/ or Legal Entities) are now identified based on Personal or Organisation’s Identification Number (IDNP)/ (IDNO) and other identity data (cadastral number, car registration number).


An essential objective carried out within this project was the delivery of a modern electronic notification system designed to improve the communication of public service providers with the Citizens and Businesses. Also, it aimed to increase efficiency and to ensure a higher level of satisfaction about the quality of government services.